Thursday, February 12, 2009

this child needs a home now

I just got this mail. My son Philip had VSD and ASD. These are holes in the upper chamber and lower chamber of the heart. She needs a family very fast. If you are ready to adopt an Ethiopian princess please contact CHI ASAP! ASD and VSD are correctable conditions. I'm sorry but I don't know anything about the tricuspid atresia...I will research it.

We need your help! We have a two year old girl in our CHI Ethiopia
program who needs immediate placement. She has a significant heart
condition that needs surgical repair. Cardiac surgery is not
available in Ethiopia for her. She needs to be adopted as quickly as

This sweet little girl (Jessica)has tricuspid atresia with ASD and VSD.
Those wanting more information about this sweet Ethiopian
toddler with the heart condition can call the CHI WA office at
36-380-5370 or email at:

jessica. deveau@chiadopt. org (remove spaces)

Up date: I looked at tricuspid atresia. It seems like something that can be helped but not totally repaired. This is a heart condition that will require monitoring the whole life. I think this child will die if she does not get help. With help she can live a full life, but there will probably be a few restrictions. If you want to adopt this child you should first talk to a heart doctor to see what those restrictions could be. Go into this with your eyes wide open. I have two heart babies (my oldest daughter Jessica, and Philip). Generally heart issues are scary when you deal with the surgery, but day to day it's just a non issue. Heart kids are generally just kids. You need to give them antibiotics before doing any dental stuff. Philip is getting braces next week. Before the braces, 3 teeth have to be pulled on Monday. So Philip will take antibiotics for his heart. Every year he goes to the heart doctor just to check if everything is ok. I think this is generally how you would treat this little girl. But there are more risks of complications with her condition. So you would need to accept this too. She may not be able to do sports, there are risks of blood clots and infection. The bottom line is with out a family willing to take risks she will die. I hope that someone steps forward willing to give her a chance for a future.