Wednesday, March 11, 2009

black hair

My adoptive kids are all from Asia. Their hair is straight. Philip has straight thick hair, and Thomas and Sarah have straight fine hair. The trend in adoption seems to be moving away from Asia and towards Africa. This week I've been looking at American foster child adoption. There are kids from all races available for adoption in the USA, but most are black. I had 4 black roommates once. They had to spend allot of time taking extra special care of their hair. I thought I would look into black hair care...just in case I adopt a black child. HERE are some helpful videos of doing cornrows. I guess there is a long history to these braids. It can take hours to braid a childs hair. Once the braids are in, they can stay in for one to two weeks. It's a real art! If you are looking at adopting an African child (boys are also wearing braids now) then this might be valuable information.