Monday, March 9, 2009

Matty and Eli both got families today

I'm still waiting for the first pictures of Matty and her Mom Julie but her blog is HERE. Eli got his family today. HERE is that blog. I have adopted 3 times. Each time we dreamed of the day we would meet our new child. Each time we hoped it would go well. Philip cried, and so did Sarah. Thomas didn't want to stay in the orphanage one hour...and when he left he did not want to look back. I can tell you from experience Philip and Sarah are now more bonded to our family then Thomas. Tears are hard, but they are also good. If a child grieves the loss of caregivers it means they knew love. It is easier for these kids to attach themselves again (it took Sarah a year to attach herself to me). I feel so sad for these two families that are getting their children today. I know they will experience a few difficult days of adjustment (the hard days may last months).But I am also very happy for them! It is a beautiful thing to witness the birth of a family. Aren't blogs so great? How great to be allowed the chance to witness such a beautiful moment!

UP is Matty! She is a cute monkey!!!