Saturday, March 21, 2009

She needs a family

This little girl can be found on Rainbow Kids. She had a left face hemangioma (post-surgery). Hemagioma is a tumor that is there at birth. A good plastic surgeon and a good family would transform her world. She is living with a foster family and is said to be a very thoughtful and helpful child. She is healthy and would be gorgeous with a little cosmetic surgery. What a blessing you could be if you could adopt her!!! Her life might be very hard in China. The post below is about the miracle of surgery!

According to her growth report on March 6th, 2009, “She is in kindergarten now and become more active and outgoing. She, like all girls of her age, loves all kinds of doll and enjoy playing games with her younger brother of her foster family. She is a well-behaved girl and loves to help her foster mother to do household stuff. Also she knows to share her favorite dish to younger brother and her family members. She is a just a lovely girl.”