Friday, March 20, 2009

waiting 11 year old girl

I read this on Rainbow Kids. There was no picture but she sounds like a very special girl. She is listed with Children's Home Society. She is healthy just older. Cutie Patootie is the words used to describe Sarah on her referral. I would take her...but you know I would take them all!

This cutie-patootie is a healthy 11-year-old looking for a family. She is doing well in school and is the "study representative" for her grade. She gets along well with her classmates. She likes to draw and dance and in her free time she likes to read. The staff describe her as having "her own thoughts and is good at thinking." She is curious, polite and best of all kind-hearted. She is tall for her age. She entered the orphanage at seven. There is more information available.