Friday, March 20, 2009

Waiting boy

This little boy is not even 1 years old. He waits in China with a heart issue that can be corrected by American doctors. I saw him on Rainbow kids. Rainbow kids has over 500 waiting children. If you ever wondered if you could is there really a need, just look at rainbow kids. You will see that children do wait. They wait for families willing to do more then just think about adoption. I found Philip on Rainbow Kids. I saw his face and I could hardly believe a boy as good looking as Philip could be my son. Boys wait longer then girls. In fact 80% of all people who adopt will adopt a girl. Believe me, I love my sweet and sour Chinese girl, but boys need families too. AAI has two of the most beautiful boys waiting. They are healthy boys...just boys. Maybe your Chinese daughter does not need a sister...maybe she needs a baby brother? Think about it.

This is a video of Thomas' first two years home. He was adopted when he was 7 years old. There are many photos of Philip too. My boys were both adopted from Thailand. China also has beautiful boys. The cute little boy in the above photo is on the shared list. He is a prince...a 100% healthy and smart prince. If only I had a PA from my husband!!! What a blessing he will bring to any family! If you are paper ready you could be the parents of this adorable 5 year old.