Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here is part of what is written about Zack...

Congenital Heart Disease- Post surgery

Description of Zack
Happy, affectionate, attentive, somewhat shy, sweet, personable, well adjusted, self-confident, athletic, coordinated, not easily intimidated by strangers. Zack is very into sports and is very good at them.
Not easily intimidated by adults or strangers, but would get timid and shy at times during the interview. When answering a question, he would think before he would answer, he spoke softly and would smile shyly and look away. He was very affectionate with the orphanage staff, his peers, and also with MAA staff. He is extremely well adjusted and extremely loved and well cared for.
Zack states that he loves to play basketball, soccer, table tennis, and other games. He loves Hide and Seek. He states he is an excellent athlete and loves to play both team sports as well as individual ones. He is very athletic and well coordinated. He was also an excellent dancer.
Loves school. Favorite subject is gym
Loves to play games and loves being with his classmates. Has many friends in the group. In asking to describe his perfect family, he stated he would live in a nice house and have brothers and sisters. He also states that he loves animals- especially dogs.

Zack is just one of the many camp ox kids still waiting for their forever family. So many of you have adopted a girl from China, maybe you should go back and get a son? He sounds like a really great kid!!! I adopted Thomas when he was 7 years old. Boys need moms and especially dads! You can find out more about the camp ox kids HERE.