Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years!

Juergen is at his parents house (his mom is very sick). I wanted to get to bed early tonight. The kids wanted to stay up and watch the fire works. We did stay up. In fact Nicole was the only one who fell asleep before midnight (she is sick). I got my New Years kiss from Sarah. I would rather kiss Juergen, but she is a pretty good second choice! I could cry tears of joy when I remember how badly I wanted that kiss last New Year, and how hard I worked to earn that kiss! I am so glad she is home, and that she loves me! It was so sweet to tuck the boys into bed tonight. Thomas was so happy, Philip was so sweet. I hope your New Years is wonderful! Happy New years from a tired and happy mommy of 5...missing Papa but not for too long I hope!