Monday, January 14, 2008

blanket party

On Feb 1 there will be a blanket party at owlhaven. You will be able to go to their blog and donate money on Pay pal to help buy blankets for poor moms in Ethiopia. Here is what she wrote about the need,

"The volunteer said that when women come to the hospital to give birth, they often come with nothing — absolutely nothing — for their babies. The staff at the hospital would love to be able to give those mothers one baby blanket each, so they could wrap their babies up before they take them home.

Can you imagine being so desperately poor that you could not afford a scrap of cloth in which to wrap your baby?"

I will be sure to remind you to go to the blanket party on Feb. 1 and tell your blog friends to join you. My daughter Nicole and I watched a video that's put out by AAI about their children's home in Ethiopia. There are over 4.5 million orphans in this country, mostly due to AIDS. The poverty is some of the worst in the world. This is perhaps the oldest country in the world. The people are joyful and beautiful despite the terrible poverty and hardships they face. Ethiopia allows large families and singles to adopt. For some of you who can know longer adopt from China due to the new rules, Ethiopia maybe a good choice. AAI is a great agency. We used them to adopt Philip and Thomas. I have only good things to say about their wonderful caring staff. They love the children they are finding families for.