Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Breakfast out

Juergen and I ate breakfast out with some good friends. Sarah was a little sick, so we had to take her with us. I'm sure it would have been nicer with out my overly demanding girl, but still it was great company! I hope we can do this more often. So far breakfast out is the only date Juergen and I can manage to keep. I probably keep saying it but we really need to get Sarah use to a babysitter. I guess that should be one of my many New Years Resolutions...time away with Juergen! The flowers are already pushing up from the earth. I hope we get an early spring. That would do wonders for my disposition! I'm not a big fan of winter (Oh, you say)! I guess if you had a house full of kids you would love the warmer weather too! We don't even get much snow here...just dark cold days. Swimming starts up again next week. At least that is something great to look forward to.