Thursday, January 31, 2008

The final 23 hours

Love without boundaries is now in the final 23 hours of the face book challenge. The main competition, Tibetan Freedom Movement is sponsoring keggers (that is free beer in very large amounts) to get University students to donate to the face book challenge. Please do not take this wrong, I'm not making a political statement here but what kind of cause is Freedom of Tibet verses heart surgery for 10 babies. Tibetan Freedom Movement spends their money on beer...and they are not going to get China to free Tibet! We are trying to do something real...
I am not going to offer you anything to get you to give $10 to the LWB cause. I hope you will give because every child counts. Your $10 could be used to save 10 that's real! We need your donation.

To give just sign up for face book. Then donate here to LWB. Even your $10 donation will make you an individual donor. The organization with the largest number of individual donors will receive a prize of $50,000. Let Richard Gere give The Tibeten Freedom Movement $50,000. We need the money for child waiting for heart surgery.