Friday, February 1, 2008

And one more idea

It's after midnight but I am having trouble sleeping. I am trying to find ways to get more people to sign up for the LWB face book challenge. Tonight I learned you can sign up for face book if you are 13 years old. I signed Jessica and Nicole up, and then donated $10 each in their names. I had to get Jessica a yahoo e-mail account first. That's easy to do, and free. If you have older kids, you can do the same thing. Remember the Tibetan Freedom Movement is giving away free beer. You know this is going to be very close. If Jessica, a 16 year old autistic girl can give LWB $10 you can too! Sign up your older kids, ask your family and friends if you can sign them up, and make a donation for them. This is a serious battle...we need some serious help!