Friday, January 18, 2008

A very special family is needed for this beautiful girl

I just read this note on a yahoo group. It's about a very special girl who needs a family. The agency is trying to raise a grant for this girls adoption (her whole adoption). They want the family to be able to spend their money preparing their home for her. You see, she is in a wheel chair. She is paralyzed from the waste down. She is very smart, but has a poor chance to receive a good education in China. I think I would adopt her myself, but Germany is not very wheel chair friendly. We live in a house with 4 floors (a whole lot of stairs). She has been personally seen by the director of the adoption agency. They say "She is AMAZING!!! Winter is SO smart and VERY talented". At this time, she is unable to bathe herself, BUT she can dress herself, take herself to the bathroom. The US has such great resources for kids like Winter. Please pray she finds her family soon, and if you are perhaps her family contact Kathy at Small world Adoption.

WA Director and China Specialist
Small World Adoptions