Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

Today Sarah turned 5 years old. I asked her earlier this week what she wanted to eat and she said eggs. So for breakfast she had hard boiled eggs. After breakfast she got to open a big bag full of gifts. The boys were so excited I could hardly keep them from opening the gifts for Sarah. She hardly knew what to do. This is after all her first birthday party! She had her mind fixed on kindergarten. We were bringing ice cream and best of all balloons for her class. The balloons were a big hit! Nicole and Philip are in the kitchen baking Sarah a cake. I needed something to put her candles on. She wanted chocolate fondue. I bought fresh fruit and ice cream to go with the wonderful melted chocolate. The kid has good taste! The photos are from this morning. I'm adding a video of Juergen tuning Sarah’s new guitar. It was too funny. He wouldn't let her have the guitar until he had the chance to tune it!