Saturday, February 2, 2008

Please pray for the orphans in China

As most of you know China is facing what most are calling the worst natural disaster in 50 years. The entire country is gripped in cold. It is Chinese New Years next week (actually on Sarah's birthday). Millions (perhaps 200 million) people are trying to get home for CNY. For many of these people it is the only visit home in the entire year. So many people in China work in distant places, and send money home. The two week holiday is the only time they can visit. This is the recipe for a great disaster. As many as a million people were stuck in Guangzhou because of massive electric outages that prevented trains from moving. My Mom and I stayed at a dive hotel around the corner from this train station. I've driven and walked past this station day after day. It's very difficult to get water and power and food to many of the orphanages in China. It is a challenge to keep the kids feed and warm. Please remember to pray for the children, and the people sacrificing to keep them alive. The photos are from Guangzhou and Nanjing. Nanjing is of course Sarah's home town.