Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tagged by Debz

I just got tagged by Debz at Sugar and Spice and a little rice (cute name & very cute blog). I'm supposed to tell you 7 odd things about myself. I'm sure there are more then 7 things...let me see what comes to mind?
1. My name is not Amy, it is Amelia. When I was in first grade the teacher did the roll call. She said "Amelia" and I did not respond. I had never heard my real name before, not even when my mother was mad at me. I actually love the name Amelia. I only had one person in my life ever call me by this name. I think it's too elegant to fit me. Amy fits me just fine.
2. I never left the state of Arizona until I was 8 years old. I was born and raised in Phoenix. Who would have known back then I would grow up to see the whole world?
3. I did pantomime when I was a kid. I'm thinking about putting my son Thomas in a pantomime workshop (it's a little costly). I did a workshop once with MARCEL MARCEAU in high school. Nicole has a funny joke about mimes. "If a tree falls on a mime in the forest and know one is around to hear it...does anyone care"?
4. Thomas and I have allot in common. We also both played the drums. I wanted to be like Karen Carpenter. Thomas is actually pretty gifted...I was OK but not what you would call gifted.
5. I dream day and night. I'm always dreaming. This behavior got me into trouble when I was in school. Juergen gets a little crazy because every big idea comes from me. I dream it, he does it!
6. I buy way too many plants. If I see a plant for sale, I can hardly keep myself from buying it. I got this from my dad. He is a great gardener. I’m not a great gardener...I just love plants.
7. I hate shoes. I've probably written this on my blog before. I always get blisters on my feet when I have to wear a new pair of shoes. I run around in my socks all winter, and bear feet the rest of the year. I wear my shoes until they fall apart. I hate shoes!
I've got very few people to tag because most of the blogs I read already got tagged to do this game. If you want to tell people 7 things about yourself then please consider yourself tagged...OK?