Friday, March 28, 2008

Change is coming

I just read on an adoption web group that agency's will not be getting Special needs lists anymore. That China will have one list of SN kids and families will basically be competing for these kids. Maybe competing is the wrong word, but it might end up feeling like that to some families. I think at the very least, if you want to adopt a SN kid, you are going to need an up to date home study. Then when you see a child you want to adopt, you can ask for that child. I'm not sure how they decide what family gets the child because maybe dozens of other families may also want the same child (if it's a cute some what healthy baby girl you can be sure dozens of families are going to want the child). All I know for sure is you can not say "I want this child" until you are some what paper ready. Also, the whole process is going to move super fast. It's going to be handled electronically. The waits will be much shorter. I've heard that some people who applied for SN kids on the new shared lists are getting their PA's in 3 days, LOA's in 10 days, and TA's with in 6 weeks of applying! I don't know when we will see these changes. Maybe agency's will get one more list...maybe not? I guess my best advice to those who want to adopt a SN child from China is get a home study, and be ready to move fast, meaning have your financing lined up. When you find a child you want to adopt, China is not going to wait a year for you to get your act together. You will need to be ready or they will give the child to a family that is ready. That is actually good news for the kids. They will not need to wait so long!