Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh my! What a cute little girl!!!

There is a new girl listed on FTIA's shared waiting list that has Hep B. She turns 4 years old next month. I can not show you her picture. I wish I could adopt her. She is "perfect" for us!!! Juergen is in no mood to adopt one more (yet). With the shared list, you must have your paper work ready to submit 4 days after you apply for a specific child. We are not paper ready (updated home study etc). If you happen to be looking for the "perfect" daughter look at the shared list on FTIA. You'll need to apply for a password. The girls name is Feng Zhu. She is in foster care and described as "a clever child, who likes to play pranks on others and loves to laugh! She is an inquisitive and pretty child!" She is just about the cutest girl I've ever seen. Big checks and dark big eyes with long hair. Oh Juergen!!! OK, my loss is someones gain. She is part of the "shared" list, which means if you are with another agency, you may perhaps still apply for her. I'm not totally sure how this shared thing works, but some files are sent to many agency's & a child could have a better chance of finding a family.