Monday, March 3, 2008

waiting girl

This is Brighton on CHI's list. She turns 3 years old at the end of the month (my mom's birthday). She has a few more weeks to find a family before her file is returned. She had surgically repaired spina meningocele. Her file reads ..."Brighton has a very significant hearing
loss in both ears. This hearing loss is in addition to her special needs of spinal
meningocele, hydrocephalus, and limited movement in her legs. She has
not had surgery yet to implant a shunt for her hydrocephalus. She
also cannot stand independently nor walk at 33 months of age. We are
unsure about her ability to control her bladder or bowels." She is standing. I do believe she will walk with therapy. She may or may not recover some hearing with the treatment of her hydrocephalus. Please pray for this beautiful girl. If you are interested in adopting her contact CHI.

One of the moms made this beautiful show of Brighton. She is very loved. I know if money is a problem many people would step forward to donate towards her adoption. She already has a $5000 grant towards her adoption. I'm sure more could be raised because she really is loved!!! She needs a good doctor and mostly she needs a family.
User name is : brighton
password: stillwaits

for more information contact CHI at
stefani @ (remove the spaces)
or in the US call 435-867-5255.