Thursday, March 20, 2008

The last day for Garrison

Garrison is the last child waiting on CHI's SN waiting list. He has been on the list two times (a year). He is a disabled boy. His skull was very small. They performed surgery on him, but it remains small. He will probably never be "normal". He will need a special education and a lot of special care. He can walk,run and play. He is said to be a very loving monkey. He needs a family that has a great deal of compassion and love. I am sure his family will receive a great deal of love in return. He can not go to school in China, he will remain in the SWI his whole life. There are few resources available to him. Do you know a special family that could make some room for Garrison? There is a $8000 grant towards his adoption. I can almost guarantee his entire adoption could be raised by the CHI community if a family could be found. He has until Friday. please say a prayer for Garrison. He has very little chance of making it on another SN waiting list. He needs a miracle. If you want to read his file the web address is , Group 20, password CHIWC.