Friday, March 21, 2008

more information about Garrison

This is from a women in China that knows this boy. She has seen Garrison many times.

"I've known him since he first came. His head was a tiny as a
baseball, but he was SOOOOOO happy, all the time, every time. He'd
let me hold him and he loves peanuts. I'm not sure when he had that
surgery (large scar on scalp) but it didn't slow him down a bit. He
has the sweetest personality, he can walk run, play and talks." also, "Garrison is.... not allowed to move about freely." The SWI has not the resources to care for him. He needs therapy, and an education he will never receive where he is.The Nanny's do their best, but they just don't have the resources Garrison needs. He really NEEDS a family! He needs special education. He needs physical therapy. He may need a good Nero surgeon. Please pray for this boy. God knows his Chinese name. He has a better plan. Your prayers are a part of that plan!