Monday, April 28, 2008

food fight

Our family went on a church retreat this past weekend. Sarah played so well all weekend. The retreat was at an old castle. There was loads of space to just run and play. Lots of kids to kept an eye on her. Freedom like I'm sure she has not experienced in her entire life. But now we are home. The rules are applied. The limits are set. Sarah is not too happy to comply to the rules. We have had a few melt downs. Today it was over lunch. No lunch, no snacks. This is the rule. After all, a kid has got to eat her vegetables. Chocolate maybe the worlds most perfect food, but we need our vegetables! I'm strong...I didn't bend. She finally gave in. But I noticed that she does put up a longer fight now that she has had the chance to race around the castle grounds with out her Mommy and Daddy! How does that old song go? How you going to get them back on the farm now that they have seen Paris?