Monday, April 28, 2008

New kids on a list

Adoption House has a few new kids on their waiting list. There are a hand full of babies (around one year old) with Congenital heart disease. Most Congenital heart disease is correctable and easily manageable. If you are interested in adopting a young child look at this list. 2 of my kids (Jessica and Philip) were born with heart issues. I remember talking with Jessica's surgeon after her surgery. He said, they go in to surgery very sick, even dying. After surgery they are on the road to a healthy life. Jessica went home 10 days after her heart surgery. She recovered very fast. Now we have an annual check up. So far, so good. She may have to under go another surgery (she is 16 years old). But at her last check up the doctor said that could maybe wait another 20 years. Jessica had ToF. Philip had ASD and VSD. Really, both have had very healthy hearts.