Wednesday, April 16, 2008

FTIA has some new kids on their list

Families Thru International Adoption has some new kids on their shared list. This is the only shared list I have the password to see. They have a very large list that other agency's also have. This list has 3 older kids (two girls and a boy) that all look so healthy and bright. They have Hep B. The girls were born in 1998, and the boy in 2000. I wish I could post their photos but I'm not allowed to. I wish even more that I could get a green light from Juergen to bring just one more child home. The girls are both so cute, but I actually think the boy is the one I would want. He looks like a real prince. He is very handsome and looks very smart! If you are interested in adopting from China's SN program, you may want to get your home study done and ask FTIA for password to their SN list.