Friday, May 30, 2008

How to Catch a Butterfly

Look for butterflies during the warmer months. May to August are the best times to spot a beautiful butterfly.

Know their favorite environments. Butterflies can be found in places like fields, mountains and wildlife refugees. They can also be seen in gardens, near ponds or right outside your door.

Take a walk around your vegetable or flower garden and look on the flowers or low plants. The butterflies love nectar and are very important pollinators in our ecosystem.

Spray your hand with sugar water. Butterflies love this sweet substance and will often land right on your hand to take a sip.

Raise a butterfly from a caterpillar stage and let it hatch. That is the best way to watch it go through it's life changes. Take photographs and keep a journal of your butterfly while you have it contained.

Buy a bug kit and it usually comes with a net. Slowly approach the butterfly keeping the net behind you or at your side. When it lands quickly sweep your net over the butterfly and catch it. Place it in a container with air holes to study it. Don't keep it too long, the average butterfly only lives about 2 weeks.

Make a butterfly garden. Grow plants and bushes (like the butterfly bush) to attract butterflies. Look through small binoculars or a magnifying glass to see each spectacular detail. Next time a butterfly flutters by, catch one if you can.