Friday, May 30, 2008

Sarah's going to ride the bus

We visited the special kindergarten for kids that have speech delays. Sarah loved it! They did a speech evaluation on her. She is VERY DELAYED. It is very important for her to go there. They have small classes (about 11 kids) with 2 teachers per class plus one aid. They do speech therapy with the kids 2 times a week. The day is very structured around language focused themes. They also do fun activities with the kids (for example they go swimming once a week). Sarah will ride the bus to school. She was there all day today in a class for observation. She really loved it. She would switch today if she could! She begins in the fall. This kindergarten is run by the city so it is free. We only need to pay for her lunches. I am so happy she has a place in such a great school!!!