Thursday, May 29, 2008

Maybe it's the age? Tell me it's the age!

I love this one scene in sleepless in Seattle where they are at the airport and Jonah is being really obnoxious with the girlfriend he doesn't like and Tom Hanks says, "He's 8" and the girlfriend says, "He's good at it"!
I talked with a good friend of mine who also has a 10 year old son. Thomas is so critical of everything I say, cook, and do. He gets really obnoxious. Some times I think it's a bounding issue...but other times I think it's just the age. Please tell me it's normal for a 10 year old boy to act like he is the center of the universe. I just want to scream..."It's not all about you"!!! There are other people in this world!!! I could not find the airport scene from sleepless in Seattle, but I love this scene.