Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sarah's speech

Sarah came to us barking clear and perfect Chinese. I thought language would be a none issue. One year later and she can not speak a clear sentence in English or German. Now the fact we are speaking 2 languages at home may be the real issue. Learning her 2ND and 3rd language may just be too much. She seems to understand both languages just fine. You just can not understand much of what she says (and she is trying to speak in German like most everyone else). We had a meeting with her kindergarten teachers last night. They love her very much. Sarah does very well there. They want her to stay. We have an appointment at the language kindergarten on Friday. This is a kindergarten that is greed towards kids with language delays. I hate to switch her out of a class that she loves...taking her from such wonderful teachers. I hate to do it but I am almost 100% sure that is what is about to happen. We basically kept telling ourselves Philip only needed more time. He would out grow his delays. He would catch up. He did not catch up. His lack of language skills hurt him socially and academically. Kids are so nice in kindergarten. You are so loved and accepted there. But in grade school, kids can get mean. We are not doing her any favor's waiting until grade school to address this. I just hope we make the best decision for Sarah.