Monday, June 9, 2008

The power of hope

I just dropped Sarah off at her kindergarten. We were running late because of a fight over what she should wear. Silly me wanted her to wear a dress. Sarah, who has become a real tom boy wanted to wear shorts and a t-shirt. I actually hate to wear dresses and so does Nicole. I guess I can not blame Sarah for not wanting to wear a dress. I have a few really cute sundresses just gathering dust in her closet. I guess they will make very nice hand me downs.
When we got to the kindergarten, there was a candle burning and an announcement that one of the families just lost their new born baby. I don't know the family or the circumstances of the death. I think it must be very sad to lose a child. I love adoption. It is a process that helps turn something tragic into something beautiful. When a child is orphaned or abandoned it really is an awful tragedy for the child and the birth family. But adoption is a redemptive process. In a world filled with sadness, it is a real honor to be part of something so filled with hope.