Monday, June 9, 2008

A preachy Ethiopian adoption video

This video is very "preachy" and this is OK with me, but if you don't like that I warn you it's pretty preachy. I actually cried when they wrote "these two will live". I believe that adoption should not be just a "social project". Our adoptive kids are not a missions object, they are our children. We love them, and we want them! But I can not deny part of my motivation for adoption was to save a child. I don't apologise for that. I have a heart filled with compassion. I see the need and I desperately want to help meet that need. Millions of children need families. In some countries that need for a family is not just an emotional, social need, it really is a difference between life or death. Weather you feel comfortable with it or not, children are dying from hunger and disease. They need families. The family in this video look like they not only "saved the life" of these two children, they also found two very beautiful children to love. I am very certain they will be so blessed to have such beautiful children (I personally think Ethiopian kids are some of the worlds most beautiful kids). It would be an honor to parent a child from Ethiopia.