Thursday, July 10, 2008

Waiting kids

I just got the SN Chinese waiting list of Adoption Advocates International. They have 3 older kids all healthy needing families soon. Two girls and a boy. I can not show their photo's but they are really cute kids. A child is no longer allowed to be adopted in China after the age of 14. One of the girls (Mary) needs to have her adoption finalized by next March. It would mean a family willing to move fast!!! If you are not interested in an older child, please just pray with me. I believe God will answer our prayers. Every child deserves a family. This is their last chance to have a family. AAI also has other beautiful kids of different ages and SN's. Contact Ky for more information. We adopted Philip and Thomas with AAI. I love this agency. They are small and personal. I recommend them 100%.