Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What now

I am sitting in a quite house. All 5 kids are off to school. I have a large amount to cleaning and house hold duties to catch up on. My house plants need to be repotted, I have to get rid of the old cloths the kids have out grown etc... But I think about the orphans. The millions of waiting children that still remains with out families. I hardly have time to breath but my mind still asks the question...what now? When the socks are all sorted and the chaos is in less chaos, will there be time for just one more child? I'm sure Juergen would say no. He is an old man...nearly 50. I'm feeling my age too. But my heart is open. Sure, they are work. Last night Sarah screamed for 20 minutes straight because Juergen would not take her with him when he picked Philip up from his sports class. I got a real headache from that. But I also got a hug, and an "I'm sorry Mama" too. I see the progress of all the kids. They make me so proud. I'm so glad I didn't listen to my well meaning friends who told me not to do it...not to adopt again! Life is going by very fast. I do not regret the choices we have made to grow our big family. Do we stop here? Is there room (and money) for one more? And can I convince even one more person to take the big risk to step out on the road that will lead you to a waiting child. There is no better way to spend your life then loving others. They make my life crazy, busy, and loud. Right now I have quite and sure it’s nice. How boring it would be to have a “perfect” empty house. How perfectly sad it would be! My mom use to say that “silence is golden”. That maybe true, but my loud kids are just about everything else!