Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LWB Cleft Nutrition

I was checking the LWB blog to see how the milk powder problem in China is affecting their kids. So far it looks like their kids are safe. Praise God! So far thousands of babies across China have been hurt by this milk powder. Anyway, they had this video about cleft bottles. Nutrition is always an issue with cleft babies. Asians have a 3 times higher chance of having a cleft baby (a fact I did not know). There are cleft babies in every orphanage in China. LWB helps feed these kids and provides surgery that changes lives. I'm distressed about todays milk powder problem in China, but here is a problem that is always there. You can give money to Love Without Boundaries and help feed orphans today. And if you are thinking about adopting from China (or anywhere) then maybe look twice at a child who is cleft affected. Here is information on this SN.