Monday, October 13, 2008

The sex trade

This video is not for kids. Thousands of children are sold as sex slaves around the world. Many of them are orphans. Orphans are very vulnerable to exploitation. If at all possible we should help these kids. If you can not adopt, then you can give money to organizations that provide food and education to vulnerable kids. The terrible truth is their numbers are only going to increase as the worlds economy worsens. Maybe you say to yourself, I don't think I can afford adoption. Could you do it for a child who would other wise be left to the streets? Perhaps we must sacrifice small things to give them the love and security all children deserve. It is awful people would exploit children. It's also awful we would not fight to protect them. Bring one child home...even just one. We can not imagine the horror of a life without a family!!! Boys and girls are exploited. Both need families.