Tuesday, November 25, 2008

St. Martin's fire

St. Martin was a knight in Roman times. He was riding his horse when he saw a beggar at the side of the road. The beggar was freezing cold, so St. Martin cut his cloak in two with his sword, and shared it with him. Most German kindergartens have a bon fire to celebrate St Martin. Sarah's kindergarten had a little program to celebrate fire tonight. It's not a Christian kindergarten so they basically left St Martin out of it. The whole thing was pretty cold and short. Nothing like past programs I've been to with the other kids...or even Sarah's last kindergarten. Just 2 songs and then we stood in line for food. By the time we got our hotdog, there was no place to sit down. We ended up leaving. Sarah was sad we had to go. I was cold and I didn't want to just stand in the cold! I am a little sick and I am proud of myself for showing up.