Saturday, January 17, 2009

AAI has babies

AAI in Washington State is my favorite agency. They run orphanages in Ethiopia we have supported for years. I just got their news letter. Right now they have many new babies - 63 babies. With so many new babies comes about 8 bottles per day each child. They also have laundry like I can not even imagine. Most of these babies already have waiting families. But the process to get the paperwork done takes time. They figure it will cost more to take care of these babies then they will get back in adoption fees. They need help. If you would like to help AAI care for these waiting infants (most have been given up because Ethiopia has experienced a great Famine this past year) please donate what you can. I know many people can not adopt, but everyone can help care for orphans. And if you are interested in adopting an infant from Ethiopia, now might be a good time to contact the wonderful people at AAI. By Ethiopian law you must be 25 years old to adopt, and no more then 45 years older then your child. So for Juergen and I we must adopt a 4 year old or older. I actually would like a 5 or 6 year old.