Wednesday, January 14, 2009

OK, lets make it even harder!

I read this on CHI's yahoo group about people waiting to adopt from China...that's right, new rules!

1. What happens now is that when adoptive families receive their LOA
there are two new forms in place of the one Letter of Acceptance (LOA).
One copy is sent to the adoptive family and one copy is sent to the
Consulate in Guangzhou.

2. Adoption agency must send the referral information to the Central
Authority in the US to get approval from them that the family can be
approved for the placement.

3. Both Consulate and adoptive family sign the form and send it back to
their adoption agency. (OUCH! Families wait on Immigration for the
second time in the adoption process!)

4. Adoption agency sends both the signed forms back to the CCAA

5. CCAA issues TA

6. Adoption agency can request a Consulate appointment time and family
can then travel. And while in Guangzhou the adopted child MUST receive
any and all missing immunizations before getting the visa as the
Vaccination Affidavit is no longer accepted.