Thursday, January 15, 2009

She is ready to go

She has carried the list around with her for a week. It is a piece of paper that has pictures of everything she needs for her big day. Hat, scarf, gloves, warm shoes, a warm coat, a sweater, and tights. She was up early to get ready. Sarah is going sledding with her class. There are times I'm just struck by the contrast between Sarah as an orphan and Sarah as a daughter. One of the best words to describe the difference is now she has opportunity. When she was an orphan they hardly ever got to play in the garden of the children's home. They never went out to eat, or shopping, or sledding Each day was just like the day before. Most of her basic needs were met (not all). Today Sarah has her own personal list. She has the opportunity to go on an adventure with her class. She gave me a big kiss as she left the house. She felt sorry for me because I'm the one who must stay home. I've had my opportunities. Thank God she has her opportunity now. The sloops await her and she is ready for the challenge!!!