Thursday, February 12, 2009

family needed now!!!

Emergency Adoption-Aging out, a healthy boy, China, Exceptions
granted -No adoption fees contact WACAP

Contact Lynne Mason at
FamilyFinders@.... .. or 1-800-732-1887.

We are grateful to everyone for successfully helping us find families
for 16 older children from China in the last few months. Your
response was overwhelming and your help was deeply appreciated.

We have one more child to find a family for from this group! Three
different families wanted him but realized they couldn't get the
paperwork done in time. We need parents that can finish the adoption
quickly by this August- maybe a family that has a homestudy or
dossier or immigration already started or completed. Our staff has
met with this boy in China and would be happy to talk with you about

He is 13 and from China and must have a completed adoption in 6
months. He is in danger of turning 14 and "aging out." This means he
may have no support or resources and have to live on his own in
China - if he is not adopted before he turns 14.

ZH is a popular, quiet boy with a great smile. He is healthy and
developmentally on target. He loves baseball and ping pong and wants
to be a professional athlete. He plays in the band and is very
helpful. He told us he just wants a family to love him and he is
ready to move to the US. Adoption fees for this child are waived. He
will no longer be eligible for international adoption after August
2009.Please ask for his video, information and photos of him.

GOOD NEWS EXCEPTIONS GRANTED! Married couples may ask for exceptions
to the adoption requirements for him. So if you don't fit all the
guidelines perfectly you may still be able to adopt him. We have
successfully gotten many exceptions for families for this group of
children. Parents will fill out a pre-application form and pay a $50
fee. We will send you his file. Then we can submit your information
to ask for an exception to adopt him. You do NOT have to pay the $500
pre-approval fee to find out from the CCAA if your exceptions will be

FINANCES: All his adoption fees have been donated. There are no
application fees, no adoption fees and no post placement fees. This
is a savings of over $14000. You may be eligible for over $10,000 in
Adoption tax credit. Parents will be responsible for paying for their
homestudy, immigration, visas and travel fees.