Monday, March 23, 2009

Love Without Boundaries Needs a Courier(s) to Beijing

We are looking for someone who might be able to pack along 6 cans of
powdered Goat's Milk, weighing approximately 1 pound each. They are for a
little boy in our Foster Care program, who is unable to drink regular milk
products due to thalessemia. The cans could be left at the front desk of your
hotel for our nutrition director in Beijing to
pick up.

We also need a courier to bring beneprotein cans.

It does take a few days to order the powder and beneprotein and I would have
the shipment sent directly to your home. Please email me off-list at jjbmag (remove spaces). Thank you so much!

Margaret Guthrie Boudreau
Cleft Bottle and Formula Coordinator
Love Without Boundaries Foundation