Friday, March 6, 2009

older waiting girl

There is an older waiting girl on the OX camp list named Maranda. I think she needs braces so maybe you did not notice her. She needs a family soon before she ages out of the system. I think she would be extra special for any family that has hearing impaired kids because she is fluent in sign language. Here is part of what I read about her...

"I would describe Miranda as a VERY special girl!!!! She is very intelligent, intuitive, sweet, personable, well adjusted, compassionate, caring, loving and eager to learn and help others. She is fluent in sign language and serves as the interpreter for the deaf children. She states that she wants to be a teacher of Sign language in the future."

Do you know anyone who maybe opened to an healthy older girl? She lives in a foster home that has 6 kids. She is said to be very social, and good with younger and older children. She loves basket ball and is a very good student. She really wants to be adopted. She would love to move to America. You do not need to be paper ready to adopt her. Contact MADISON ADOPTION ASSOCIATES for more information.