Friday, March 6, 2009

Waiting girl

I saw a little girl from Asia (I think she is from China) on Rainbow kids. She is almost 2 years old with Imperforate anus and her right hand has an extra digit. My son Thomas had Imperforate anus. This is a very easy SN to deal with. The kids have to have a colostomy for about 3 years, then they have an operation to remove the diseased part of the intestines. Usually they are 100% fine following the surgery. Thomas had some symptoms of an irritable bowl for a few years. We stopped giving him cows milk, and feed him good bacteria and now he is totally healed. An extra digit can of course also be removed. Anyway, I thought I would encourage someone to consider this beautiful waiting girl. Her SN sounds really scary, but it's 100% correctable and a very small deal! Just look at our beautiful son me it is a very small deal! HERE is her contact information. Her name on Rainbow kids is Zona.