Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the trap

I got a comment from someone on youtube who watched my video of Philip. They basically implied we should not have adopted Philip because , how could he ever understand his culture. Of course I looked at this persons youtube profile, and he had porn videos of Thai women. I guess he really understand Thai culture!
Speaking of porn, there is allot of it on tv and Internet. We caught Philip watching some porn on TV. I thought we had blocked it, but I guess not totally. It's everywhere. The kids bring it to school on their cell phones(I mean other kids, not mine). I just read that the wii can also be used to access the Internet and all the pornography that is there. If you have a wii, and wireless Internet, then you had better make sure you have the Internet blocked on your wii. Juergen and I need to begin a dialog with our sons about sex and porn.It sort of shocks me because they are 9 and 10 years old...babies. We feel it's a trap but we can not prevent them from being exposed to it. It is everywhere. They need to learn some self regulation. There is a very good site I found called porn talk. You may want to read about how to talk to your kids.