Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Waiting child

There is a very sweet looking boy on Families Thru International Adoption waiting list. He has a blood platelet disorder called thrombasthenia. I did some reading on the disorder. It is caused from a protein problem in the blood that makes it hard for the blood to clot normally. He probably has problems controlling nose bleeds, etc. It's similar to hemophilia. The agency has waived their fees and also have a $3000 grant towards his adoption. His profile reads,"He is a cute and active child who likes to ride a bike, draw and sing. Fu Qi likes to play hide-and-seek with the other children. A talkative child, he is independent, well-liked and is a quick learner! Fu Qi is happy and likes to read stories to the other children!" He sounds like a real treasure! I think with a blood disorder you need to be careful with him, and know what to do if he does start to bleed but he could live a "normal" life.